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Kings Bicycle Parking

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All of Kings Bike racks and rails are guaranteed for up to fifteen years on workmanship and in some cases finish.

We pride ourselves on manufacture therefore we give the full guarantee for any workmanship such as materials, bending and welding. We also guarantee finishes on galvanized and stainless steel items with some exceptions as below.

Galvanized: Will not carry the full warranty if located in an area close to sea spray, chemical plants or rubbish tips and bore water. These environments have a serious impact on the properties associated with hot dip galvanizing.

All of the galvanized products are coated to Australian Standards AS.........

Stainless steel: Some products will not carry the full warranty on finish as all stainless steel will tarnish or rust which is commonly known as  “Tea-Staining” whether it is marine grade 316 or commercial grade 304 if installed in a aggressive environment unless it is properly maintained see below

Some aggressive environments are coastal areas where sea spray is unavoidable, main roads where carbon monoxide is excessive, down wind from rubbish dumps or waste and chemical disposal plants and even bore water.

The best protection that can be given to stainless goods is electro polishing this process enhances the luster and makes it harder for the environment to penetrate the surface.

All of our KBP3 - 8 range in stainless steel are electro polished on manufacture all other stainless steel products can be electro polished at additional cost.

Maintenance: Proper maintenance will protect your investment, stainless steel should be washed with mild cleaning solution to remove any dirt, grime or carbon contamination at least once a month. Do not use sodas, acids, abrasive scourers etc.

Powder Coat: No guarantee is given on powder coated  products as the surface as hard as it is can be damaged with excessive use and wear and tear


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